#citizenbasicincome How we can live a decent life in a society of the future that will guarantee basic needs: housing, food, clothing, medical care, education? The solution is a citizenship income at no cost to the capitalist system. Any attempt to change Capitalism using past strategies - Religion, Politics, Activism, Charity - is doomed to fail. Let us give you an example. The actual citizenship income is paid by the State, that is, by taxes, that is, with the money of individuals who need a citizenship income. Our strategy is hi-tech. The circulation of money will become incredibly efficient with 5G networks and the introduction of advanced payment systems. We developed a software engine that generates revenue by making circulation smoother, thus accelerating the movements of money. No magics, but an elementary principle of the physical world, applied to the digital world. Our engine uses Artificial Intelligence to move money, generating revenue for all stakeholders: citizens, Administration, VCs. It works on top-range smartphones as well as on 2G phones with SMS. Take it as joke, but we’re changing Capitalism without changing its rules.

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